energy imprisoned will make itself free


I’m a metalhead, science fantasy writer, and full-stack thaumaturge. This is my website on Most of the pages listed below are hosted elsewhere (at my own expense) so I’m not running up m150’s bills.


Just some stuff I like. Most of it probably qualifies as “dad rock” nowadays…


elsewhere on…

You can see every site currently hosted on at homepages, but I think the pages below are of particular interest.

This is some kind of psychedelic JavaScript and HTML5 canvas demo. It’s actually kinda groovy; it looks like Star Trek on acid at warped speed. I almost want to get high, put “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath on repeat, and zone out for a couple of hours…
I’m not really into this sort of music, but it was something different, and they’re supporting a good cause. Surprised they need so much CSS, though.